Our motto is “Serving the Community’s Greatest Need.” Since its inception, in October 1925, the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton has provided millions of dollars to numerous local and national charities. By working with these charitable organizations, the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton works to better our community and enhance the wellbeing of Edmontonians.


How do a few guys in a volunteer organization do all of this? You might have been a part of it, all around our city. Maybe you laced up your first pair of skates at the Kinsmen Twin Ice Arena, or took your first date to the Kinsmen Pitch and Putt, or taught your children to swim at the Kinsmen Sports Centre. These are Kinsmen projects which improve our communities, while providing sustainable and ongoing revenue to fund Kinsmen community service.


Hal Rogers formed the Kinsmen in 1920, with a group of like-minded men who sought fellowship and community service opportunities. His aim was to foster the development of a club that would combine opportunities for service and fellowship for young men, influenced by his own experiences with the camaraderie of wartime.

Soundtrack Music Festival aims to become a flagship donation generator for the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton and would aid in enhancing the well being of Edmontonians.